• Hampton Inn & Suites Vacaville-Napa Valley

    Stay in the Heart of Northern California


  • “My stay at THIS Hampton Inn & Suites was extremely comfortable. Thank you!
    Nothing…this was the best hotel I have stayed in for quite some time. We travel to Vacaville about once every 6 weeks so will surely stay again!”

    Karen Schuman - King Study

    Hi, my name is Wally and I am a labradoodle. My parents and I stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Vacaville. Dad slipped and fell while out walking me (NOT MY FAULT) so we were there for a while.

    I got to stay in the room with my parents and I heard them say that I didn’t even cost extra. I don’t care about that, but I did get a new food bowl, special treats, and a new chew toy!

    I give the Hampton Inn & Suites “2 Paws Up”!

    Wally - Whirlpool Suite